Founded in 2011, Nanolux Global Ltd. is a Nigerian Canadian industrial and specialty chemical company with an eye on the future. We manufacture and distribute some of the most versatile chemical and nanotechnology products in the world.Most of our product lines are locally manufactured in Nigeria and they cover many industrial and home applications including agriculture (fertilizers and animal feeds),building and road construction chemicals, anti-corrosive coatings, marine paints,oil spill cleanup absorbents and dispersants, oil degreaser, drilling chemicals,industrial adhesives, energy saving solutions, general raw materials development etc. We manufacture only the best and most highly noted nanotechnology products from the most advanced laboratories in Canada, US and Europe.

Nanolux featured products
Paints - Nanolux Paints

Nanolux paint coatings are a nanotechnology based product that is made from a combination of eco-friendly nano particles. Due to the extremely small size of Nano particles, Nanolux Paint coatings create an invisible protection layer that adheres and bonds with the surface of the material to which it is applied.Nanolux Paint coatings do not contain oil, wax, silicon or Teflon materials that deteriorate the nano layer. Nanolux Paintcoating agents gives the most long lasting protection to any surface than any known materials to date. | details


Ecobond is a high performance casein protein family of adhesives specially designed for beverage bottles, beer bottles, wine bottles, glass bottles and other related industrial bottle labeling. Ecobond's superior bonding effect is currently the highest in use in the industry today. It is derived from selected bio-degradable base materials that allow the product to work effectively and efficiently over a long period of time. Casein is water based adhesive product particularly suitable for bonding of labels on metal, plastic and glass bottles. It is equally used in plants where such application is necessary. | details

Construction Chemical - Aginsoil

Water related damages are the biggest contributors to poor quality infrastructures leading to compromised strength and robustness. Conventional polymer-based waterproofing systemsare short-term as they are susceptible to UV, heat and abrasion that fail to completely waterproof and prevent such damages in the long run.

Aginsoil is a breakthrough nanotechnology product designed to address stripping problemsin asphalt paving mixes. | details

Energy Saver: F & D Fuel Booster

A NEW WORLD OF ENERGY SAVINGS!!! Instantly Saves 30% on Petrol & Diesel Consumption F & D Booster is a specially formulated petroleum based product that reduces fuel and diesel consumption in all engines by 30%, while at the same time reducing pollution through complete combustion which helps to extend the life span of your engine. F & D Booster is guaranteed to save 30% of fuel and diesel consumption in all engines

Since fuel is an organic material that deteriorates with age, the deterioration process increases the moment it leaves the refinery. By the time you buy fuel from the petro station and fill up your tank, it has already deteriorated considerably. Fuel continues to age as it remains stored in petro station or car tanks. During the aging process, masses of carbon, gum and resin form in your fuel and tanks. This mass of carbon, gum and resin become difficult to burn completely and the combustion process is therefore compromised. F & D Booster's unique polar compound acts as a combustion modifier that removes combustion deposits and helps lubricate the entire fuel system. Another very important benefit of F & D booster is that it also stops tank corrosion and stabilizes stored fuels,cleans and lubricates both the carburetor and the injector engines, while simultaneously enabling the fuel to burn more efficiently for increased power and reduced fuel consumption.

F&D booster's unique stability chemistry react with fuel immediately upon contact. It blends with the fuel or diesel to keep it at peak stability duringcombustion and throughout storage with the aging process halted. This age halting process prevents the mass of carbon, gum and resin from forming in your fuel system. The stabilized fuel performs better and so does your engine. F & D Booster blends easily and begins to work immediately it makes contact with gasoline and diesel fuel to improve the fuel burn, reduce deposits and add lubrication | details